Songs of War is a thirty-episode fantasy animation series directed by David that started on 23rd November 2019. This massive project has been in the works for years, and the Script of all three Season is finished. but seasons 2 and 3 are cancelled

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Season 1[edit | edit source]

Episode 1

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Release: November 23, 2019

The episode begins with a narration by Thalleous Sendaris telling the story of the land of Ardonia and The Great War between the four Ardoni clans and the combined forces of the Nether and the Voltaris. While the war initially went poorly for the Ardoni, an Ardoni named Achillean Nestoris led his people to victory and fought the leader of the Voltaris, Ingressus. During the final battle, both Achillean and Ingressus were slain. Thalleous reads this story to a human named Hawken, who insists the Voltaris have returned and are on Mt. Velgrin. Thalleous and Hawkken travel to the mountain to investigate but are attacked by the Voltaris, led by Tygren. Hawken dies defending Thalleous, who narrowly escapes Tygren and retreats from Mt. Velgrin.

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Episode 2

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Release: December 7, 2019

Two bounty hunters, Jalkar Bowmani and Grim, break into the castle of Etherea to steal a Dragon Stone. While they get away, Grim bumps into Jalkar and the Stone falls off a cliff, vanishing into a trail of energy flowing towards Underwood. Meanwhile, in Sendaria, two young Ardoni named Senn and Ria are sparring when Thalleous returns and gives them both Songs. However, Osivian, the clan leader disapproves of Senn and Ria spending time together. Later, after Senn gets caught overhearing a discussion between Thalleous and Osivian, Thalleous agrees to take Senn on an adventure the following morning.

A man named Lucan is freed from prison under the condition he works in the Basalt Mines despite the dangers that lurk there. Angered by this, Lucan storms out and steals the guard's cake.

The episode ends when a young girl, who was hunting in the woods, discovers the Dragon Stone which had teleported from Etherea.

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Episode 3

Songs of War 1.03 thumbnail.jpg

Release: December 21, 2019

Once Lucan reaches the Basalt Mines, he meets his guard Eddy. Lucan notices the undead which are hostile mobs once he catches a wither skull. It is revealed that the girl's name is Abbigail and her wolf companion Sam like Arbiter's dog Jill who lives alone with her neighbor Mr. Finch.

Meanwhile, Senn and Thalleous go on their journey. Lucan is now forced to fight Necromancers and Abbigail builds a farm and someone from Etherea is looking for Jalkar and Grim.

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Episode 4

Songs of War 1.04 thumbnail.jpg

Release: January 4, 2020

Abbigail meets Jalkar and they both duel. Meanwhile, Niika bumps into Lucan who has rotten flesh to attract Necromancers. It instead attracts some undead mobs. The next morning, Lucan and Niika go looking for Necromancers while Thalleous and Senn head to Oakendale, Conchord's capital and then to Crown Peak (A.K.A The Other Side Of Ardonia). Thalleous heads to Sulliman's house and Thalleous tells him to safeguard a Prime Song.

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Episode 5

Songs of War 1.05 thumbnail.jpg

Release: January 18th, 2020

Once the Necromancer is defeated, Lucan disguised as the Necromancer while going inside the volcano, Mt. Tempus. Meanwhile, Thalleous and Senn talk to each other about the Great War while Jalkar and Grim notice Abbigail while Grim is left to fight Abbigail. Also, 2 new characters are introduced which are Darlene and her horse Cloud.

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Episode 6

Songs of War 1.06 thumbnail.jpg

Release: February 29th, 2020

Jalkar and Grim arrive at the Tabora Crags, were the Voltaris, lead by Zinaida Voltaris, preparing to receive their prize for bringing the Dragon Egg. However, Jalkar and Zinaida Voltaris quarrel about the amount of money owed to the mercenaries, breaking into a fight which killing all the Voltaris except Zinaida and Lucidius. Zinaida uses a song but Jalkar throws his dagger at him, killing him. Abbigail and Sam arrive shortly after and start interrogating Lucidus, who gives them Jalkar and Grim's whereabouts. Miles from there, Lucan continues his descent into Mount Tempus, and meets with Xaria, another Necromancer who guides him to the Necrobase. There, the Necrolord shows up, holding up the Wither Staff. Lucan is then summoned by Xaria and another Necromancer for a mission.

Meanwhile, Senn and Thalleous search Sendaria for survivors, but are attacked by Voltaris. Tygren is amongst them and tells Thalleous that he burned down Sendaria because he moved a Prime Song and states that he needs them. A fight ensues, and Thalleous attempts to escape. Tygren, seeing this, throws a spear which impales and kills Thalleous. Senn manages to escape just in time as the Voltaris prepare their next attack.


Episode 7

Songs of War 1.07 thumbnail.jpg

Release: March 7th, 2020

After not showing up for 1 episode, Niika returns. Unfortunately, her tree fort is burnt by the Necromancers which means she lost all her information about the Necromancers except for Lucan since he discovered what's in the Necrobase. Now they are reporting their info to Felden officials.

Senn arrives at Hogtown, trying to look for help. He gives up and decides to go to Atarixia until a lonely Magnorite named Igneous is in front of the village. One of the townsfolk angrily tells him to leave with Igneous. Igneous says that he and Senn should go to Biggerton to find a map leading to Ataraxia.

Meanwhile, Jalkar and Grim face an enderman that wants to retrieve the Dragon Egg. Grim chops part of it's arm off and it teleports away. They start to climb a wall but Abbigail arrives and shoots Grim with an arrow, causing him to fall. Jalkar abandons him in the Crags and leaves. Grim engages with Abbigail and Sam and they fight. Grim seems to be winning but he strikes his electric scythe in the water and electrocutes himself. Abbigail draws her bow and Grim cowers, but she spares him. As she leaves, she sees the Enderman from before along with 2 others which teleports away.


Episode 8

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Release: March 14th, 2020

While Senn and Igneous are on their way to Biggerton, Jalkar bumps into them. He decides to steal their horse until Igneous punches him. Igneous turns around and notices that they're near Biggerton. Meanwhile, at Felden, Lucan reports about the Necrobase inside Mt. Tempus. He and Niika are given a message about officially declaring war against the Necromancers to Fort Zuka.

At Biggerton, Senn and Igneous find a map inside a bar. They ask where they could find a map. The owner says it's at the map shop across the street. For a while, Senn buys something to eat at the bar. Later, at the map shop, they weren't able to get one since the owner, Marshall, wouldn't let them have one. Soon, they bump into Abbigail who lets them borrow her map. It turns out Ataraxia is close by.

At Fort Zuka, Lucan gives the letter to Captain Kiyoshi. It also states that he'll be accompanied by Lucan himself.

Meanwhile, Senn and Igneous are near Ataraxia and they notice a guardian. Senn gets pulled into the water by guardians and gets noticed by an Elder Guardian.


Episode 9

Songs of War 1.09 thumbnail.jpg

Release: March 21st, 2020

The voice actors of the Ardonia clan leaders have been heard in this episode along with 4 new characters, two of them are Mendoris Ardoni,(Galadar and Zulius), one of them is a Nestoris Ardoni (Master Aurelius), and one is a soldier of Kiyoshi (Alec). There's also a new plotline where some of the Ardoni held a meeting to declare war.

Meanwhile, Lucan set off on a new voyage after saying goodbye to Niika along with a scene with Kiyoshi and Alec.

After showing the plotline of the Ardoni meeting, the guardians who pulled Senn into the water throw him out of the water and create a pathway to Ataraxia.

Meanwhile, Abbigail and Sam go hunting until they see Jalkar, and he and Abbigail both duel. Sam then bites him and lets him go, which made Sam fall off the cliff and die. Moments later, Abbigail shoots Jalkar with three arrows (one at a time), killing him. Then, Abbigail takes the dragon egg for herself.


Episode 10

Songs of War 1.10 thumbnail.jpg

Release: March 28th, 2020

Senn and Igneous arrive at Ataraxia and notice floating islands. They both leave to find a place where Timber could stay. While they are, some Ardoni (two named Hadion Mendoris, the other named Hubris Nestoris) are talking about preparing for the war against the Voltaris. Senn walks into Hubris and introduces himself and says that he is recruiting a group named Knights Of Ardonia. He also said that they could use a Magnorite (Igneous). Later, Senn bumps into Thalleous's brother, Galleous. When Senn says that Thalleous is dead, Galleous is upset. Igneous leaves with gold from Galleous to give to Aren the Fletcher.

Meanwhile, Abbigail buries Sam and notices the dragon egg starts to hatch.

While Lucan is too late to battle the Necromancers and about to attack Niika, Galleous tells what has happened recently to the other plotlines. Senn is sent to the basement to train to become a well-trained fighter Ardoni.

The Ardoni arrive at Mount Velgrin to battle the Voltaris. During the battle, a time portal opens, leading to the battle of Ingressus Voltaris (the Deathsinger) and Achillean Nestoris (the Tidesinger) during the Great War. Once Ingressus defeats Achillean, he goes into the present.

After Credits Scene: Achillean is seen climbing up the Mountain again, meaning he survived.


Season 2 & 3[edit | edit source]

Season 2 and 3 were cancelled on June 14th, 2020 by David.[1]

The scripts for both seasons were released on the same day that they were cancelled.

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